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Covid-19 information:

PT Solutions is now seeing certain patients in-clinic and is also treating patients via telehealth.  The best option for you will be discussed when you contact us, or, if you are an existing patient, on an ongoing basis.

If you have a in-clinic visit, certain precautions must be followed:

1)  Please call us when you are in the parking lot

2)  A staff member will come out and take your temperature.  (must be lower than 100.5 F)

     There are also two short forms to fill out regarding Covid-19.  

3)  The staff will escort you into the clinic where each patient will wash their hands prior to their appointment.

4)  Please bring and wear your own cloth mask.

5)  We are completing the paperwork through the website as much as possible  (Patient Resources Page) 

     Save the forms as  documents and send to us through the website or e-mail to ""

     The staff will guide you through this before your first appointment. 

For a telehealth visit, you will need the following:

1.  Computer, ipad, or Smart phone with camera

2.  Internet connection

3.  The online program, "Zoom" loaded on your computer.  This is free and we offer step-by-step


4.  Call our clinic (541-343-8889) and make an appointment.  Appointments last an average of 45 mins.

5.  Fill out the patient forms at our website, or  Save the forms as   

     documents and send to us through the website or e-mail to "" We are currently           working  on making that process easier for you.

PT Solutions staff will be taking precautions, as well.  In addition to thoroughly disinfecting often, we are keeping distances between all persons, wearing masks, doing frequent hand-washing, physical therapists are wearing gowns.  Gloves are used when appropriate.  All items that are not easily disinfected have been removed, such as exercise bands.  

Telehealth can have quite effective outcomes in physical therapy.  Our therapists and our patients have been greatly encouraged by the results of the sessions we have done in the last several weeks.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have questions (541-343-8889)

Please leave a message if we do not answer the phone.  Our hours may fluctuate a bit but we will check the phones regularly.​

Please Stay Healthy!