The following are a sample of the kind of conditions we treat:

  • Spine injuries

  • Post-motor vehicle accident injuries

  • Sport injuries

  • Balance dysfunction

Services We Offer

PT Solutions believes in very thorough evaluations and effective treatment plans that are specific to each patient.  For treatments the therapists utilize manual therapy techniques, prescription exercise, kinesiotape, a variety of modalities for pain, Graston Technique, and patient education on subjects such as body mechanics and posture.

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Reach Your Potential
  1. A “fitness program” for patients after they are discharged from therapy and do not wish to join a gym.
  2. Personal training basic programs for those that have not been patients.   We find that individuals frequently use body mechanics techniques in the gym that are creating dysfunctions which eventually will lead to pain.  We can help those individuals learn proper techniques that they can use in their workouts.

Two special programs we offer include:

  • TMJ disorders

  • Whiplash

  • Acute and chronic pain

  • Special, individualized personal training for non-therapy patients

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